What we don't do

Dream interpretation. The Dream & Nightmare Laboratory staff and personnel do not interpret dreams. While we believe that dreams may be useful in therapy and self-development pursuits, we do not have the resources for helping individuals find meaning in their dreams by email. Some sites on the internet are designed specifically for this.

Nightmare treatment. Except for some experimental protocols dealing with nightmare treatment in kids and adults, we do not provide treatment services to the general public. If you are in distress and need help with your nightmares, you would be advised to contact a sleep specialist in your area [Canada, USA, Europe, Australia].

Sleep disorders consultation. We are aware that sleep disorders like insomnia, restless legs and other parasomnias (sleep terrors, excessively vivid dreaming, nocturnal groaning) are very prevalent in the general population and that professional help is limited in many areas. However, the Dream & Nightmare Laboratory does not have the resources to help individuals diagnose or treat their sleep disorders. If you are in distress and need help with sleep disorder symptoms, you should contact a sleep specialist in your area [Canada, USA, Europe, Australia].

You might find some useful information in our science publications and Facts/FAQs section. If you live in the Montreal area, you might also find studies in which you could participate and obtain treatment for nightmares or learn-by-participating in a scientific study (here). Our dreamBlog (RSS feed) can keep you in touch with our most recent advice, opinions, insights and discoveries (under construction).

How to contact us

For Montreal-area residents wishing to participate in laboratory research. You may contact us via the message box below.

For general inquiries. Please read the ‘What we don’t do’ section first to see if your email might better be directed elsewhere. Otherwise, you may reach us via the message box below. We receive a lot of inquiries so please do not expect an immediate reply.

For Journalists. The DNL experiences an enormously high volume of requests for interviews, information and lab visits (see News). It has become increasingly difficult to respond to these requests and we have taken some measures to ease the pressure. One of these is the present website: we have attempted to keep it as up-to-date as possible with results of our ongoing studies and other available information on dreaming. We request that interested journalists check out this site in some detail before approaching the DNL director or students with queries. A lab Blog is coming soon.

Another measure that we have been forced to adopt is to limit the number of on-camera interviews and filming in the dream laboratory. This is for the simple reason that these ventures are costly in time and money. A single night in the lab can cost as much as $800 when salaries of all the personnel and materials are factored in.

Requests made by Internet are more easily answered, especially if the questions are clear and to the point.

Contact us

Tel: (514)338-2222 #2783
Fax: (514)338-2531, to the attn. of the Dream & Nightmare Laboratory

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